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SDS Authoring

Although the Globally Harmonized System was designed to replace the various classification and labeling standards used in different countries by using consistent criteria on a global level and to harmonize legislation, there are still quite a few hurdles to take when exporting chemicals even to GHS complying countries.
SDS-Authors can help you in getting the right translations and to comply with local regulations in:

- EU (CLP)
- United States and Canada
- China
- Japan
- Taiwan
- Korea
- Brazil
- China
- Mexico
- Singapore
- Thailand
- Australia
- New Zealand
- Turkey (SEA)





Another hurdle is a matter of language, as the European implementation of GHS, CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) is implemented hand in hand with ReaCh (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals of Chemicals). Art. 31 stipulates that “the safety data sheet shall be supplied in an official language of the Member State(s) where the substance or preparation is placed on the market, unless the Member State(s) concerned provide otherwise.
SDS Authors can translate your documents into 47 languages and this number is still growing. Also other documents needed to comply with the Detergent Regulation or Workplace Instruction Cards, Technical Datasheets can be created upon request.
What information do we need from you? Just the formulation, information about the raw materials (SDS’s) and physical properties will do.
Your documents will be delivered in .pdf or MS Word format and can be designed to your requirements.
Notification at the National Poison Centers is another obligation which is not easy to fulfill as every country has it own procedures. SDS Authors can also take of this for you.
Our high expertise guarantees an excellent service.
We’ll be more than happy to discuss our service offering with you and to draft a proposal to your needs. Contact us today!