DeDoks - SDS distribution

DeDoks is a fully internet-based system that manages the distribution of your Safety Data Sheets from A to Z. Local sottware installation is not required.

Once you are logged in as the User Data Administrator you can place, modify or remove your safety datasheets on or from your/our website. As soon as a client downloads an SDS, it is added to their distribution list. Any change in an SDS that was downloaded less than 1 year earlier triggers an automatic email to your client with the new SDS attached.

On the basis of your orders SDSs can be distributed as well. Orders can be uploaded through an Excel spreadsheet. Integration with your ERP-system is also available (FTP or Webservice).

The process ensures 24/7 availability of your SDSs. This extremely efficient solution not only satisfies your legal obligations, it is also gives you peace of mind at a low cost. DeDoks can be placed on your own website in a so-called IFrame for seamless integration into your site.

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