Lisam ExESS - Chemicals Management

ExESS is currently the most flexible system in the field of Chemicals Management, Health and Safety at Work, Environment, Maintenance and Waste Reporting. Not only is it based on a state-of-the-art development environment (.NET and SQL-database), it also boasts unprecedented pliability. Customised fields, dialogue boxes and features can be added in no time – and in most cases, without the intervention of an IT specialist – if the existing functionality shouldn't meet your exact needs.

The Microsoft environment and the link with MS Outlook make the system easy to learn and easy to get started for your users. Thanks to the integration with MS Word, modifying documents or reports and importing/exporting them from or to Excel or XML formats become simple routine tasks.

ExESS encompasses the following features:

Chemicals Data Management

  • List of ReaCh products
  • List of compositions
  • Product data
  • End data
  • Volume calculation
  • Collection of commercial and logistic ReaCh and GHS data
  • Calculated listing according ReaCh (per legal entity)

Chemicals Report Management

  • Authoring SDSs (8,000 translated sentences); ReaCh Annex II; GHS (Japan, US, China, Brazil)
  • Labels
  • Chemical Safety Report (CSR)
  • Extended SDS
  • Excel, TXT & XML export (e.g. IUCLID 5)
  • All the derived statutory and logistics-oriented reports

Chemical Risk Analysis

  • Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA)
  • Chemical Safety Report (CSR)
  • Exposure Scenarios (ES)
  • Risk Management Measure Inventory

Supply Chain Communication (SCC)

  • SDS and USE distribution management for upstream and downstream users
  • Product Data Tracking
  • Coordination of SIEF data
  • Management of ReaCh surveys
  • Communication with IUCLID5 and ECHA portal site

ReaCh file and task management (Process Flow Management)

  • Establishing endpoints
  • Task and file administration
  • SIEF data support
  • Communication maintenance
  • Text search in database files and documents
  • Document management (ES, studies, etc.)

ExESS for EH&S

  • Training
  • Accidents
  • Nonconformities
  • Maintenance and inspections
  • Certificates and calibrations
  • Workplace and risk analysis
  • Centralised task management
  • Employees
  • Exposure
  • SCC (Safety Checklist Contractors); OHSAS; ISO Environment

Waste Management

  • Identification of hazardous waste
  • Definition of containers and drums
  • Managing waste processing companies
  • Waste Contracts Management
  • Waste Processing Costs
  • Waste Transport Data
  • Waste Processing Cost Management
  • Legally required waste management reports
  • Task management including deadlines and allocation

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